Solid wood doors in modern style

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Our doors in interiors

Modern interior doors - style, beauty and versatility

Alvero doors in a modern style are a fashion trend and an answer to the current demands of designers. It is a unique fusion of materials and performance.

Everything that previously could not be allowed with classic solid wood doors - is embodied in the new line of neoclassical doors from Alvero.

Features of modern doors:

  • Allow you to create a stylish fashionable interior, harmoniously integrating appliances and modern finishing materials.
  • Despite the modern design, natural materials are used in the construction.
  • The symmetry of shapes and details.
  • The design is dominated by clear lines and geometry.
  • Strict shapes and elegant simplicity.
  • Fashionable designer finishes.

The visual style can be complemented by modern technical solutions: coplanar and telescopic molding, hidden hinges, floating leafs.

Neoclassical doors from Alvero

White and taupe doors are a striking example of the clear geometry and laconic palette of neoclassics. The austere design and rich colors make the door the centerpiece of the interior by contrasting with wall finishes and other surfaces.

The horizontal and vertical lines of the models are in harmony with the geometry of the furniture and fill the interior design with technology.