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Door material: oak wood
Беленый дуб

Bleached oak

Door price: 
43 500 ₽
Price of a standard set: 
54 810 ₽
* The price of the product may vary depending on the option of finishing, glazing and configuration you choose. For the showrooms of the Ural, Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts, Kaliningrad, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, a margin of up to 10% is allowed for all products.
The price of the set includes a door leaf with a height of 2000 mm, a door jamb and a flat casing on one side.
** Possible colors according to RAL

Portal Collection

Factory Alvero offers a variety of options for the design of the doorway, as well as the door leaf. Combinations of cornices, pilasters, borders, decorative elements make up hundreds of portals in different colors and sizes, from standard to exclusive.
Ways to open the door
Single-field swing
Double-floor swing
Asymmetric double-leaf
Sliding panel
Door dimensions
By individual order
Door design
A spliced construction. The entire door is made of three-layer natural spliced solid-glued wooden bars. Only natural solid oak is used.
2Door jamb
5Door leaf
5 years
years of service

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